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Complete Custom Fly Design.  Have a specific pattern in mind? Targeting a specific species (i.e. Taimen in Mongolia or Golden Dorado in Bolivia or Argentina)? Fishing a certain Water system?  Or maybe you just a box tied for a gift or for your upcoming trip.  Whatever your need Lee can design a pattern for that trip of a lifetime.  I offer a full custom design program.


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Located in Fort Worth, TX Feather and Fly is here to provide you with high quality, innovative and productive Fly designs for the waters you fish. Whether you are stalking wary trout in the shallow riffles of your favorite stream, throwing deer hair bugs for aggressive top water bass, chucking articulated streamers for big bass, fall browns, swinging tube flies with the spey rod, or even chasing 50" musky in the Canadian back-country, Feather and Fly has what you need for your day on the water. Choose from proven patterns in our online store or inquire about a custom design crafted specifically to your idea, species, or watershed.


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